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Sonoma County Water Agency Team

"Sostre was very flexible and customized the content management system (Drive CMS) to fit our needs. The content management system makes it easy for us to add new pages, edit existing pages, and change the structure of the site on our own. We’ve also been very impressed by Sostre’s customer service skills. They are very quick and responsive, and are clear in their communication about the expected timeline for pending requests."
 Eric Meadows, Marketing Director
Efinancial, Inc
“Drive CMS has allowed us the ability to quickly deploy changes, test new creatives, and optimize our landing pages which has significantly decreased our cost of acquisition and dramatically improved our ROAS. The interface is straight forward, easy to use, and allows us the control we need to take full advantage of our monetization efforts. Best of all, the team has been incredible to work with. Sostre & Associates is proof that people do make the difference.”
EJ Barry
Larry Sackett,  President & CEO
"Sostre and Associates completely rebuilt our Website, www.ejbarry.com, using DriveCMS. The work they did on our Website was terrific – and very fast. DriveCMS is incredibly easy to use, permitting instantaneous updating of content, adding new pages, and deleting old one. Adding a new page takes minutes, once you’ve decided on the content. Menus are updated automatically.  In the past, we built our own Websites, but using Sostre and DriveCMS is much more efficient and, frankly, much more professional than our own work.  You can’t go wrong with Sostre.  I recommend them without hesitation."
McElory Tutoring
Brian McElroy, CEO
McElroy Tutoring
"Drive CMS is powerful, easy to use, fast, and reliable website management tool.  It has all the features I need to attract new customers, to easily connect our clients with our tutors, and to keep our business running smoothly."
Redrock Canyon Grill
Matthew Verney, CFO
Redrock Canyon Grill
"Drive CMS provides us the added ability to manage our website without breaking the bank. The support we receive is outstanding, it is almost like we have our own IT staff working for us. Updating our website through Drive CMS is simple and easy to do. We have reduced out cost and increased our abilities through using Drive CMS."

VetCare Logo
Susan Hatch, Practice Manager

"Since utilizing the drivecms system I have started adding and updating web pages more frequently then before. It has been user friendly, which is especially important as I am not very "Web" friendly. I also appreciate the ability to ask questions when something comes up that is especially challenging to me. Thank you so much.."
Jill Kochendorfer VP of Strategic Initiatives
“DriveCMS has been so easy to use.  I don’t have a background in website design or HTML code, but this system allows me to update our website whenever I want – whether I want to add pages, new photos, upcoming events or more.  DriveCMS has helped us to keep our site current and fresh.  And whenever I’ve had questions or needed help, the Sostre team has always responded quickly and helped me figure out a solution.” 

ThinkFirstPamela Taylor
Think First

"DriveCMS has offered us a fast and cost effective tool for managing our website.  No more waiting for someone else to make our updates and changes – we can keep our site current with this easy and impressive content management tool."





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